The CD is now for sale directly from me!

A pure digital download, without a CD, is now available from CD Baby, and iTunes, both $9.99. And CD Baby also has the CDs for order, $15.99 + shipping.

It is also available from:
  • CD Baby (download or CD)
  • iTunes     (download)
  • Amazon  (download)
  • Spotify    (streaming)
  • Google Play (streaming)
  • Shazam   (music identification)
  • YouTubeMusic (streaming)
  • Tidal       (streaming)
  • 8Tracks  (streaming)
  • Amazon MP3 (download or streaming)
  • Groove    (streaming)
  • Rumblefish  (micro-licensing)
  • Slacker Radio  (streaming)
  • Akazoo    (streaming)
  • Kdigital   (Korean music distributor)
  • AWA       (Japanese music distributor)
  • kkbox     (Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia distributor)
  • Line Music   (streaming)
  • Deezer    (streaming)

It should also be available from Target and BestBuy. (You’ll probably have to order it.) They will sell it for $12.49 and there wouldn’t be shipping costs.

I can offer mine at $11.99 + $3.50 shipping (1st class parcel) which should arrive in 1 – 3 business days.

Please note: Unfortunately, with the ease of digital copying, I am unable to offer refunds based on satisfaction. All sales are final and I do not offer exchanges. You are responsible for understanding my refund policy before making a purchase.

Also, the expense and complexity of international shipping prevents me from offering international sales at this time. I apologize, especially to my Canadian friends! I recommend the digital download or CD purchase from one of the other many fine distributors.

To purchase from me direct using PayPal (credit cards accepted), just click the button below.

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